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Empathic Sanity


I’m so glad I’m still sane. But it’s difficult at times living in such an insane system fraught with deep flaws that is blindly supported, upheld, defended and applauded by the majority of Americans. I believe that the overwhelming majority of people would quickly move to fundamentally change things here if they had the same or similar experiences abroad as I have… with no regrets.
It would be a wonderful thing if the American public fully understood why Germany & Co. have a large, healthy & productive middle-class! What would happen in the USA if Americans “SAW” how the middle class thrives in other countries and the paradigms used to create opportunity? Documentaries of comparative living standards, anybody? A concerted campaign “SHOWING” how our middle class struggles where their counterparts in other countries thrive, anybody?
What’s a social market economy & the social compacts that drive them? Which nations have them? What’s the net effect for the public? How does our “free market economy/society” fare against a highly successful “social market economy/society”? Who are the beneficiaries? Why are we holding on to this antiquated and destructive  economic model which other nations have long left behind? Documentary on a thriving “social market economy” vs. our “free market economy”, anybody?
I greatly appreciate all who are seeking to expose the myth of the middle class in the United States as in The Middle Class Myth: Here’s Why Wages Are Really So Low Today. The crisis, however, is not based on the lack of unions or decreased bargaining power of organized labor. It is this country’s foundation…our socio-economic system.
Interesting background resources:

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Please watch The European Dream – America’s Nightmare? starting at approx. 4:55:



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