Symbiotic Collusion: Bitter Pill Revisited


a symbiotic collusion

Health care cannot be left to “free”-market mechanisms and ideology. This is not in the public’s interest. Our health care industry has been proven to cause horrific waste and inefficiencies for the public while generating massive profits for shareholders and others who are invested in this industrial complex. It, in essence, destroys the quality of life for millions of Americans and costs us lives.

Please take a moment to watch the following interviews with Stephen Brill, the author of  Time’s Bitter Pill article. Bitter Pill addresses one of the main foundations of the dysfunction within our health care system, namely, its exorbitant and unjustifiable cost. In the interview below, Stephen Brill highlights the long-term limitations of the relief that the Affordable Care Act will be able to provide due to our ignorance or lack of will power to take “bottom line” profit motives out of this industry.

Excerpts from Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show:

Stephen Brill Extended Interview, Part I

Stephen Brill Extended Interview, Part II

Health care should be a service…a public good…a right, not a commercial industry.

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