For the Ladies

aaa Vagina

We have withstood an onslaught on our beings by patriarchal systems and leaders for millennia. Our sense of self-worth has been defined by people who are either ignorant or afraid of womanhood. We have been programmed to turn this insidious hate on ourselves and other women through the validation of malicious rhetoric, policies and scripture and have allowed anti-female systems to perpetuate and flourish. We have, as a result, denied our own self-actualization by ceding control over our intellectual, emotional, physiological and spiritual well-being to people who want to keep us marginalized and disempowered.

In reading Vagina: Revised and Updated by Naomi Wolf, you will be given new and deep insights into yourself. An insight that will awaken you and lend you not only the tools and power to question patriarchal societies and systems but a foundation to realize who you are and who you are supposed to be. With no apologies…

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