Compassionate CONservatism to the Rescue?

aa compassionate con

Compassionate CONservatism to the rescue as heralded by Paul Ryan’s Poverty Plan… That can never be as the terms and policies associated with this ideology actually create and maintain our poverty paradigm. It is compassionate in name only. Here’s a response I posted a few days ago to the misleading rhetoric and plans of this particular demagogue:

What is divine about any of these proposed policies especially when the very people who uphold the system which marginalizes & impoverishes the masses do so for their own personal gain? In the name of Jesus? Eye to eye and soul to soul… Where is your soul if you can rationalize, DESIGN and inflict cruelties which take food & shelter from those who can’t help themselves, Paul Ryan? Those who ascribe to this and similar beliefs have lost their way and are very very very far away from the nurturing Spirit.



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