The U.S. Deficit vs. The People & “Social” Democracy

a deficits white house

This is what the White House sent out this morning. This self-defeating argument can be flipped on its head to justify current cuts and future cuts. On the other side of this graph are its real effects…rising poverty rates and skyrocketing inequality. Why do we prioritize sectors of our economy that will only destroy our future prospects? Why do people we have elected to office continue to play The Deficit Game instead of addressing the country’s problems and correcting our course? Don’t they realize that this is a distraction that only those who do not want to provide opportunity to everyone in our country can utilize to their advantage? Or are Democrats, Independents and progressive Republicans, alike, simply woefully unaware or much worse, incapable, of understanding the issues?

Please take a few moments to read The Great American Ripoff: The High Cost of Low Taxes to gain more insight into how we fare against more socially democratic nations and why. In general , our problems stem from our expectations of civil society and government’s role in our lives. We must expect more from ourselves, our public and social infrastructure as well as our government and stop placing our destinies in the hands of the free market and its profiteers. The people’s representatives have to awaken to this fact, inform themselves and educate the public. Our nation and the world need this. Our democracy must become a social one.

Stop playing The Deficit Game.

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