This Supreme Court Majority is Remarkable…in Injustice

Citizens United was not enough to change the game. The next move, that of strengthening state’s rights over federal rights and oversight in the voting arena, was to strike down a key element of the Voting Rights Act this summer. The vacuum created by this action has most recently been filled by Discriminatory Voting Plans in Kansas and Texas’ Move to Disenfranchise Women Voters.

It is disturbing and highly agitating to see Jim Crow legislation being passed throughout the nation to discourage and prevent people from voting. Upon further contemplation, however, the fact that this type of legislation is now overtly, expediently and blatantly being expanded to include more and more groups is actually a reflection of how afraid the traditional power group has become about its voting base. Evidently, there is no one left.

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Filed under General Socio-economic & Socio-political Issues, Women's Empowerment

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