Chemical Weapons of Mass Destruction vs. Chemical Weapons of Mass Healing

Although the need for the existence of this film is fathomless and highly disturbing, I am unbelievably grateful that Fire in the Blood has been made.

It is of utmost importance that we understand that we are all interconnected and that corporations should not exist for the sake of themselves but for the sake of people. As long as intellectual property rights to pharmaceuticals persist as impediments to the effective and broad treatment of diseases, pandemics such as HIV/AIDs will thrive and acute or chronic treatable illnesses will go untreated.

More importantly, companies and governments continue to serve the antiquated, greedy, narcissistic and protectionist ideals of the outdated sovereign state model and aggressively block access to vital drug treatments for masses of people through ratified and “legal” domestic policies, trade agreements and World Trade Organization (WTO) policies and regulations. As long as they continue this, all of the justified indignation emanating from world powers against the utilization of chemical weapons of mass destruction is hypocritical lip service which distracts from the daily and global crimes being committed against humanity caused by obstructing the release of chemical weapons of mass healing.  

Today’s world powers need to take a long hard look at themselves and what they purportedly stand for and begin making deep and long-lasting changes to our current socio-economic systems internationally (and domestically especially in the case of the United States) not only to govern us justly and progressively but to escape the imminent decay of global democracies.

India at the forefront of the fight against the damaging effects of patents:

Using loopholes in WTO regulations to provide pharmaceuticals to those in need…

Pharmacy to the World in action

India has been blacklisted by US due to its policies regarding generic drugs

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