If Governments Want to Govern People,…

a charades

…then they must put public interests first and not be a part of the global corporate charade.

Put public interests first:

Fund the Fight Against Global Aids

Dedicate & Ensure Significant Resources to Sustained International & Domestic Programs Geared Towards Women & Children

Cease the Creation & Maintenance of Poverty Paradigms

Take the Educational Crises Here & Abroad Seriously & Develop Opportunity Paradigms (Please watch this enthralling episode if you get the chance. It will surprise and/or shock you.)

Ensure That Healthcare is a Basic Right & Dismantle the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex

Stop Mass Incarceration & Provide Real Opportunity

Learn to appreciate -not denigrate- countries trying to create more equality & shared opportunity for all their citizens.

Understand the Price of Inequality

Crucial and specific warnings on domestic and international issues from Joseph Stiglitz:

How Intellectual Property Reinforces Inequality

The Free-Trade Charade

Globalisation isn’t just about profits. It’s about taxes, too.

On why the myth that America is still the “land of opportunity” is so prevalent:

“Well, there are two reasons for this. One of them is that the myth is so much part of our sense of identity as Americans that it is devastating for us to give it up — for us to say we are less of a land of opportunity than old ossified Europe. It was one of the things we were most proud of, and clearly, it’s not true…The second reason has to do with the nature of evidence. Everybody knows examples of people who make it from the bottom or the middle-bottom to the top. And our press talks about them. The media calls attention to the successes. But when they call attention to successes they don’t say this is one of a million or one of a thousand. In fact, the reason they write about it is because they are so unusual.” – Joseph Stiglitz in Joseph Stiglitz: Terrifying Future for America If We Don’t Reverse Inequality

If governments want to govern us -We the People-, then they must put our interests first.


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