Addressing the Poverty Paradigm: Housing is Healthcare

a homelessness

Please take the time to read Housing is Healthcare and Premature Mortality in Homeless Populations. One reason why even progressive policies and laws in this country are inadequate in changing poverty structures and outcomes is because of our inability to grasp poverty as the interlinked system that it is. As a nation, we are used to piecemealing our politics as well as our socio-economic policies to achieve quick fixes in the hopes that people will derive immediate benefits from these decisions.

We do not address the poverty paradigm on the whole either due to (willful) ignorance of the interlinked complexities of our failed systems or our simple lack of compassion which is based upon antiquated views that justify the existence of poverty. Other nations have realized this and have designed comprehensive and structurally sound societies whose basis is the acknowledgment and guaranteeing of universal and basic human rights. And, as a result, these nations are methodically pulling ahead and leaving us behind in the dust.

We are our sister’s and brother’s keeper.

India Arie – Brother’s Keeper

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