Black in America

I sincerely wish I could reblog this on a positive note with a positive outcome. Unfortunately, that is not the case this evening in Florida nor in many parts of the country on any given day at any given time in these United States of America. Racism, income classism, the denial of basic human rights in law and in legislatures in every state of the country are all interlinked. Until we view our neighbors’ children as our own and treat them as such, we will continue to allow division and injustice to rule our lives.
I wish Trayvon’s family strength and am sending heartfelt love. We stand with you. I hope that you know that Trayvon is truly loved and is remembered by countless people around the world. I also hope that you will feel and see our love for you as this verdict resonates within us and manifests itself in what we say and do. #TRAYVONMARTIN


In light of developments in Trayvon Martin’s case, I would like to share my story which I hope will inspire honest consideration of America’s path forward.  I don’t view Trayvon’s death as a singular tragedy.  It’s a culmination of many things that have gone awry in America and it’s imperative that we push for change irrespective of the outcome of this case.  This is especially important to me as I want my child to thrive in all ways.

My son was born and raised in Berlin, Germany.  He never wanted for anything material and lived in a very free and open society there.  On several occasions, German authorities and citizens advocated for more integration and a “multi-cultural society” which I always found strange because my experience as an African-American female had always been extremely positive in every German city I had visited.  This very same view was also shared by…

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