VatterRott Colleges and Their Compatriots

a college-scorecard

This is a status quo which effects us all directly and indirectly. I employ a wonderful woman who has been victimized by the greed and empty promises that these pseudo-institutes of learning live from. In order to better herself and provide for her family, she decided several years ago to pursue a career as a Certified Medical Tech. At the time, she was a single mother with 3 children. She took initiative by enrolling in a program that ensured her that the certification she would receive was not only relevant but that they could guarantee her suitable and productive employment. She completed her course and practical work requirements and received her certification but no one would hire her.

Instead of coming out ahead, she came out unemployed and heavily in debt and sought employment with my agency as a Personal Care Assistant out in the field. Due to her intelligence and dedication to her clients, I saw that she would be a great addition to our office staff and took her out of the field and brought her into the office. She is creative, caring, dedicated, driven, highly competent, innovative, observant, personable, tactful and thorough. These are all qualities that would make her a wonderful addition to any office and any professional field and I am amazingly appreciative that we are benefiting from her qualities.  I, however, am also unbelievably saddened by what this also reflects. I was so perplexed by her situation and what the non-utilization of such rich “human capital” means for our nation, that I researched her background to see what went wrong with her certification.  As a result, I turned to the White House College Scorecard to check out the institute where she got her certification. It is not even listed there!

One thing led to another and I began plugging in all sorts of universities and institutes and discovered that a great deal of our institutes of learning are untruthful and incompetent at best. Unfathomable amounts of federal money flowing through this system are simply trickling up and not being used to benefit those who believe in themselves enough to commit and be held accountable to loan requirements. Many of the fraudulent institutions which should be there to give people the certifications and degrees they need to perform work are, glaringly, not being held accountable to the same extent as their students. Please read $13 Million Awarded in Suit Against College to learn about another individual who was victimized by the “educational industrial complex” and make yourself aware of the insidious state of our educational system.

Here is the link to the White House College Scorecard. Take some time to research schools and institutes of interest. You will find an interesting trend in schools that offer Associates degrees and certifications, namely, loads of $$$ with low outcomes which are reflected by high loan default rates, median borrowing and relatively high costs. Please see, in particular, Vatterott College – Kansas City which is most relevant to the article above.



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