Sunday, June 23rd on OWN: Dark Girls

Please do not miss the Dark Girls Documentary.


More on colorism:

Note: Given Beyoncé’s recent and strong stance against the photo-shopping of her pictures associated with her H&M campaign which she unequivocally nixed, I do not believe that she was instrumental in the “lightening” of her skin in an ad mentioned in the video.* The overarching observations and messages in this video, however, should give us pause for thought and begs our proactive awareness…every day.

Sophia Nelson’s Black Woman Redefined

Official Website*

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  1. Reblogged this on startlivinglove and commented:

    Do not miss this tonight! Also, please see Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday with India Arie which aired today, will air again tomorrow (check your local listings) and will hopefully be uploaded to the Super Soul Sunday episodes section.

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