As World Leaders Sit Behind a Ring of Steel…

…billions ask the relevant questions. Please watch this passionate call for accountability and sanity from one of the world’s greatest and most humble humanitarians who has used her artistry and celebrity status to raise our awareness of gender discrimination and its horrific results. Annie Lennox.

Campaigns that support the fight:

Her Sing Campaign

Alicia Keys’ Keep a Child Alive Organization

Gucci’s Chime for Change Campaign


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3 responses to “As World Leaders Sit Behind a Ring of Steel…

  1. With this being my introduction to the Skoll Foundation and Annie Lennox, let me tell you, you’ve offered a powerful one here. Thank you.

    • Hi loquacionist!
      Thank you so very much for your comment. I’m always extremely glad when someone not only likes a post but that they can derive some benefit from it. Moreover, it is always a comfort to know that there are others (and the numbers are growing) who feel a genuine concern for the many who are struggling against impossible odds and need our help…in what every fashion or form we can give it.

      This post is indicative of why I love Annie, Alicia and everyone who is not resting on their public success but using it to make us aware of the living conditions of others as well as organizations and people who have taken it upon themselves to work against injustice, poverty and (gender) discrimination.

      Thanks for being moved and letting me know. You have my absolute best wishes and respect!

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