ONE: The Fight Against the Poverty Creation Industry

As artists and activists from all parts of the world mobilize to send the governments participating in the upcoming G8 2013 Summit the message that they refuse to accept that poverty and its effects cannot be changed, others are also fervently working to uncover the intricate mechanics of the poverty creation industry which I also call the poverty industrial complex.

Please read the following article (and be sure to click on the links it contains) to learn more about this industry and how we can begin to not only understand it, but dismantle it: The Poverty Creation Industry.

Here is the article which brought my attention to the one above. It specifically discusses the linkages between the malignant state of global health and poverty: Global Health & Poverty. Moreover, the following presents some insight into one of the mechanisms that is instrumental in the poverty creation industry: How the Offshoring of $ ?? Trillion is enabled: Tax Loopholes

Please take some time to explore the following links to see what One is about and its current focus which is the agit8 Project. Show them your support, share and get involved: & The agit8 Project.

Please don’t forget to keep up with:

All paths leading to the eradication of poverty require equality and that means the empowerment of women is crucial.

Poverty’s greatest protectors: Secrecy, willful ignorance and greed.

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