On Emancipation

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I enjoyed the following article as it provoked a great deal of thought on my parenting skills. The abstract idea of children’s emancipation brought a smile to my lips which was quickly followed by widened eyes and quickened breathing as I tried to imagine the practical results in my case… 🙂

Will Smith on Parenting

What I especially found thought provoking were the following sentences from the author, Brande Victorian, “I’ve most definitely witnessed the property dynamic among parent-child relationships but I’m not completely sure it’s a concept specific to African Americans or a result of enslavement. Plenty of parents, black, white, red, and yellow, seem to take an ‘I brought you into this world and I can take you out if you don’t fulfill the obligations laid out for you’ approach to parenting simply because of the authority dynamic and the idea of giving life to someone and having control over how they live it as a result.”

When I read those words, the images of my own corporal punishment sessions as well as those I had seen the results of and/or heard of from friends and family members immediately flitted through my mind. Those violent and horrific disciplinary sessions did much more harm than good in my case and have directly and easily enabled me to break that vicious cycle with my own child. He has never received nor will he ever be the recipient of corporal punishment from me or anyone who knows us.

I, honestly, do not see the difference between a slave masters whip or other punishment instruments and a parent’s open hand, switch from a tree, knotted or unknotted belt, feet or fists. There is no difference. So, if any of you are out there playing the role of slave master, stop. Stop. They are not your property.

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