Different Animals: Hospital Emergency Departments vs. Urgent Care Centers vs. Freestanding Emergency Departments

a med symbol

If people are still wondering why our health care system is broken and will remain broken until we create a single-payer system in this country, the answer is simple. Unlike the systems in successful industrialized countries in the world, the majority of institutions responsible for providing health care in our country exist not to provide the best comprehensive care and treatment to patients but are “for-profit” and, thus, seek to maximize profits. As a result, we the people, are considered liabilities and not assets due to our inescapable human frailties. Our health care industry does not exist to take care of us. It exists to feed itself, much like our military and prison industrial complexes.

The following is an interesting article on a growing segment in the health care industrial complex, namely, freestanding emergency rooms, by Sue Mat and an even more interesting critique from Dr. Don McCanne (please read his comment):

Freestanding Emergency Departments


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