Fatal Results of the Sequestration (Part II)


As America’s submerged state slowly rises in the general public’s attention through the already devastating cuts that are being  made due to the sequestration, it is my hope that not only the people who wield the power to change this realize the short- and long-term necessity to intensively fund federal programs but also that those who have put them in Congress and other positions of power will understand our interdependence as citizens. Our incapacity and unwillingness to delegate the necessary funding to essential programs is a direct reflection of our beliefs system which is rooted in selfish short-sightedness.

I cannot even begin to imagine how some can go to sleep at night knowing that their decision to withhold funding to the neediest and most vulnerable in our society has, in many instances, fatal consequences in the short-run. Furthermore, how can they reconcile the long-term and guaranteed result of macro-economic suicide in global markets (labor, manufacturing, intellectual properties, etc.) by allowing this culture of “pro-active impoverishment” to persist with their conscience?

I am grateful for those raising their voices in various ways to fight impoverishment as well as media outlets which have recognized the urgency and injustice of our system and make it a point to investigate, research, publish and/or broadcast this chronic crisis. Please find several links to articles documenting some of the real and “visible” effects of the sequestration below:

State of Emergency in Pre-School Funding

The Sequestration and Meals On Wheels

Austerity and Health


Meanwhile, some very good news (if you don’t think the following has an effect on domestic policies here and abroad, think again)…Billionaires Flee Havens as Trillions Pursued Offshore



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