Wake Up, America! Wake Up.

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Here’s an article and a response to it that lightens my heart despite the sad nature of the issue at hand. There is something reassuring in knowing that there are many others who not only share the same concerns and insight but also believe in the same solution.

For those of you who are greatly interested in the plight of American health care and would like insight from those who are practically and empirically involved in seeking solutions, please subscribe to Dr. Don McCanne’s Quote of the Day emails for enlivened and enlightened thought. You will not be disappointed.

On our “regionalization” of what should be a uniform national program:

Uwe Reinhardt’s One Size Fits All

Interesting insight and considerations concerning our health care system and corporate site investment from a businessman’s perspective:

A Businessman’s Response

Here’s a direct link to Dr. McCanne’s Quote of the Day page: Subscribe to and learn from the Quote of the Day.

Relevant “Must Sees” just released:

Remote Area Medical

The Waiting Room


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