The Truth About Government-funded Programs

Friedman and Keynes Who's on the right side of history?

Friedman and Keynes
Who’s on the right side of history?

I have always thought it strange that so many people harbor such deep distrust towards our federal government as regards its public programs. What is even stranger is that the very people who are bashing government programs are the ones who appear to be benefiting the most.

Here are a few articles which lend credence to this assumption:

Taker Nation

Ezra Klein on The Submerged State

For anyone who wants to gain more insight into the programs the government is responsible for, The Submerged State will give you a solid foundation for better understanding. It will also give you deeper knowledge into how the powerful few have been able to effectively and broadly marginalize, denigrate and relativize the positive role government plays in our daily lives.

Suzanne Mettler’s The Submerged State

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