I am updating this posting with the following article: A Place at the Table Article

I hope you have the time and compassion to participate in this Basic Human Rights cause in whichever way you can.


I am unimaginably grateful for so many recent developments.  OUR social conscience is demonstrating a much needed turn to active compassion.  I have no doubt that with the continued growth in synergies and collaborations of all types combined with enlightened leadership, we will experience a true Renaissance in thought and perception and, thus, an evolution of mankind. This film is a product of undeniable truth and compassionate synergies, from the the strong and perservering people fighting their impoverishement to the filmmakers to the White House.

I am hopeful that this documentary will be shown in theater chains throughout the country. Please check Playdates and at your local theaters for possible showings.

Interesting links:

A Place at the Table: Informative background article

A Place at the Table: website

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