What a Milestone!

Leland Stanford Junior University
Our motto: Die Luft der Freiheit weht.

So proud of all who have represented, contributed and/or donated to this truly magnificent university!

1st University to Raise $1 Billion in a Year

Stanford has been a progressive institution and recruiter for several decades now.  Below, I have provided a few links to webpages which you will not only find interesting but extremely inspiring as regards the type of person Stanford is nurturing to present to the world.  See how The Farm puts its $$$ to work:

Financial Aid

Student Body Diversity

Academic Diversity

Stanford’s extraordinary interdisciplinary approach to higher learning leads to academic freedom, thus, excellence

National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics Award Winner – 18 straight wins since award’s inception in 1994

The Arts

Stanford in Pictures

Our Secret Weapon – Disclaimer: This low-technology but highly intelligent institution may not be a recipient of donations raised but maybe it is in some shape or fashion…

Looking forward to the future!

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