Higher Education in the United States: The Whitehouse’s College Scorecard

College Scorecard

I’ve had a great time researching the White House’s College Scorecard & have been frighteningly amazed at what I’ve seen. One determination I’ve made is that colleges & institutions such as Devry, U of Phoenix, Brown Mackie College, etc. are offering associates degrees that cost as much if not more than colleges providing bachelors degrees (from state to elite universities) with graduation rates ranging from 18% – 60%. They are a money-making tool for those who want to exploit those w/ less opportunity as well as a dangerous  by-product of our educational system which I have long considered to be a destructive educational industrial complex.

Also disturbing to see was the performance of Historically Black Colleges. I look forward to seeing a much-needed dialogue develop & eyes open as regards our institutions of higher learning and what we need to do to enter into the 21st century.


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