An Important Facebook Post I’d Like to Share

Do you truly want to leave your future in their hands?

I’m so grateful for the friends that I have. Here’s something I wrote in connection with this article shared by a friend of mine on Facebook:
I haven’t changed what I wrote because  it came straight from my heart and it is an unfiltered reflection of how I feel about the U.S.’s current state of affairs.
Thank you so very much for all you’ve been doing. I’m so proud to have you as a friend!
Everyone. This is serious. If you intend to vote for people who will do this to children…they will do it to you & yours tomorrow where and when you least expect it. YOU are not them. They are the “Rich” and we are “The Rest”.
I studied at 1 of the world’s most elite schools, have my own business, travelled the world, lived and worked abroad, have expensive hobbies and plenty of leisure time. I can provide myself and my son with all we want and need…on my own. I live in 1 of the most beautiful suburbs in Overland Park and send my son to 1 of the best schools in the nation. I want for nothing. I consider myself extremely successful and wealthy. I could identify with these folks to a certain degree. But my heart, vision, experience here and abroad as well as my spiritual wealth will not allow me to.
If you believe that people living in poverty or in near poverty situations are reaping what they sow and that YOU deserve and have earned your standard of living all on your own, YOU are dreaming the wrong dream. 1) Impoverished children & their caregivers cannot pull themselves up from their bootstraps in a system that is programmed to exploit the weak; 2) it took a village to give YOU the priveleges that you now enjoy…YOUR parents, grandparents + other well-off people in your neighborhoods helped YOU build what YOU have. YOU did NOT do it alone. Just like children born into poverty did NOT create the conditions they live in. OUR village did that to them.
Think and act with compassion and love! It’s not about YOUR money or YOUR future. It’s about OURS. 

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