Dreaming III: Why I am in Love with the Harlem Children’s Zone & Why I View it as a Model for Kansas City’s Green Impact Zone…and Maybe Yours, Too


HCZ Children learning and “growing”… It’s not just about learning.


Please take some time to view these videos and the HCZ website to get greater insight into the possibilities and comprehensive successes that Geoffrey Canada’s brainchild has provided to children in New York.

I am still and will always be a firm believer in excellent public education. However, in light of Kansas City’s current struggle with scholastic accreditation and growing reliance on charter schools, this is a model that deserves advocacy and would consolidate the beautiful goals that people involved with the G.I.Z. are striving to achieve.

On providing a healthy oasis for youth – The Harlem Armory:


On creating a culture geared towards college:


On providing wrap-around services and transforming other important aspects of a child’s and her/his family’s “educare” environment:


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