Buddhism: Synergizing Faith & Science

Monastic Science

I find this article simply fascinating: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/03/tibetan-monks-tackle-scie_0_n_1646398.html?utm_hp_ref=buddhism

Though I am not at all surprised, I am still amazed at what the author determined during his classroom observation of monks and nuns attending classes offered by Emory University:

No one yawns. No one dozes. Since almost no one takes notes, it’s easy to think they’re not paying attention. But then a monk or a nun in a red robe calls out a question about brain chemistry – or cell biology, or logic – that can leave their teachers stunned.

Though most studied only religious subjects after eighth grade, they regularly traverse highly complex concepts: “They really understand how neurocircuits work at a level that’s comparable to what we see at a senior (undergraduate) neuroscience classroom in the United States,” said Young, the neuroscientist.

If you are not familiar with or are simply interested in learning more about the viewpoint of the Dalai Lama on life and spiritual matters, here are two books that I can highly recommend:

Beyond Religion:
Ethics for a Whole World

Toward a True Kinship of Faiths:
How the World’s Religions Can Come Together

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