The Mind of a Procrastinator

Ever had such moments?

I couldn’t help but post this. This is, in fact, not an admission. I especially love the part on Tajikistan!


Disclaimer: This is in no way saying that this is O.K.! 🙂


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2 responses to “The Mind of a Procrastinator

  1. Amanda

    I used to be a major procrastinator but now I think of it as having my priorities in order. If it really needs to get done, it will, but sometimes Me time is more important. Life isn’t perfect and neither am I, and I don’t need to be perfect to be happy.

    • I am now truly in agreement with the author of the article. A few months ago, I would’ve greatly deliberated on how much time I was wasting if I missed an “artificial deadline” (please note “artificial” as in my deadline before the real deadline)… Not anymore although I do still get verrrrrry anxious at times. 🙂

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