Fight Poverty Through Collective Investment

Joseph Stiglitz’ view on what is wrong with America is a view that deserves much more widespread attention and action. I have my own copy of his recent publication, The Price of Inequality, and greatly look forward to reading it.

Please click on the link below to see his interview with Tavis Smiley:

Also, please check out this link to an article on the Greek economy in the Economist. I’m providing this link as I feel it is necessary that people be more fully informed on what the Eurozone crisis is truly about. In an earlier posting, I have stated that the crisis is not simply about banking/finance or corruption. It is also about investment into programs essential to building a stronger Greece; i.e., structural reforms. Yes, the euro is a construct and a tender one at that. But given the plurality of nations, interests and private actors involved, it is a construct that deserves more respect and positive support rather than blanket statements that belittle its meaning and achievements. The euro was born out of historical hindsight and future necessity. It is there for a reason.

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