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I just wanted to revisit this post. Women’s empowerment is not only essential for global development but to our survival.


A few days ago I read this article, Elite Women Put a New Spin on an Old Debate, which sent me on a journey of gender rediscovery and reaffirmation.  I, subsequently, began researching the effects gender inequality has on families, domestic economies and the environment. Although I am far from understanding all of the details and intricacies involved, the importance of the role women must be empowered to assume within their immediate & extended families, domestic economies and internationally cannot be adequately underscored.

What has also become equally evident is the destructive framework that mankind is working within that prevents building a foundation for eradicating poverty.  Archaic mindsets that limit women’s potential for whatever reasons, whether through cultural or religious beliefs or simply because the necessity of women’s empowerment isn’t understood, are rigidly in place that not only damage the world’s most vulnerable but endanger all of our futures.

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Women’s Equality Day

More Than Just a Symbol of Hope

I just learned of this proclamation. It is a beautiful gesture which underlines our need to push forward in recognizing the fact that we have not yet achieved equality.

And here is one reminder as to why:

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An Important Facebook Post I’d Like to Share

Do you truly want to leave your future in their hands?

I’m so grateful for the friends that I have. Here’s something I wrote in connection with this article shared by a friend of mine on Facebook:
I haven’t changed what I wrote because  it came straight from my heart and it is an unfiltered reflection of how I feel about the U.S.’s current state of affairs.
Thank you so very much for all you’ve been doing. I’m so proud to have you as a friend!
Everyone. This is serious. If you intend to vote for people who will do this to children…they will do it to you & yours tomorrow where and when you least expect it. YOU are not them. They are the “Rich” and we are “The Rest”.
I studied at 1 of the world’s most elite schools, have my own business, travelled the world, lived and worked abroad, have expensive hobbies and plenty of leisure time. I can provide myself and my son with all we want and need…on my own. I live in 1 of the most beautiful suburbs in Overland Park and send my son to 1 of the best schools in the nation. I want for nothing. I consider myself extremely successful and wealthy. I could identify with these folks to a certain degree. But my heart, vision, experience here and abroad as well as my spiritual wealth will not allow me to.
If you believe that people living in poverty or in near poverty situations are reaping what they sow and that YOU deserve and have earned your standard of living all on your own, YOU are dreaming the wrong dream. 1) Impoverished children & their caregivers cannot pull themselves up from their bootstraps in a system that is programmed to exploit the weak; 2) it took a village to give YOU the priveleges that you now enjoy…YOUR parents, grandparents + other well-off people in your neighborhoods helped YOU build what YOU have. YOU did NOT do it alone. Just like children born into poverty did NOT create the conditions they live in. OUR village did that to them.
Think and act with compassion and love! It’s not about YOUR money or YOUR future. It’s about OURS. 

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Dreaming III: Why I am in Love with the Harlem Children’s Zone & Why I View it as a Model for Kansas City’s Green Impact Zone…and Maybe Yours, Too


HCZ Children learning and “growing”… It’s not just about learning.


Please take some time to view these videos and the HCZ website to get greater insight into the possibilities and comprehensive successes that Geoffrey Canada’s brainchild has provided to children in New York.

I am still and will always be a firm believer in excellent public education. However, in light of Kansas City’s current struggle with scholastic accreditation and growing reliance on charter schools, this is a model that deserves advocacy and would consolidate the beautiful goals that people involved with the G.I.Z. are striving to achieve.

On providing a healthy oasis for youth – The Harlem Armory:

On creating a culture geared towards college:

On providing wrap-around services and transforming other important aspects of a child’s and her/his family’s “educare” environment:


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Dreaming II: Geoffrey Canada’s Harlem Children’s Zone & Its Method of Success

Geoffrey Canada: Providing a Comprehensive & Healthy EduCare Environment

He started with one (1) block and now it encompasses over ninety-seven (97). And it’s still growing…

See how & why in “What is the Harlem Children’s Zone Project?” and “What is unique about the Harlem Children’s Zone?”:

HCZ Results:

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Corporations & “Industrial Complexes” are NOT Where We, “The U.S. Treasury”, Should be Putting Our Money

Corporate Welfare

It is strange that our political and socio-economic mindset allows for those who already have the most to be placed before those who have the least and who are in great need of more.

The following article spotlights how the “chaos & dysfunction” within and of impoverished families has been successfully used until now to justify 1) its existence and 2) its continuation. But the author, Economics Professor Nancy Folbre, and so many others beg to differ.

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World Humanitarian Day – August 19, 2012

Are you?

What will you be doing tomorrow?

It’s taken me a long time to reach the point of action. I’ve always been highly critical of all the social ills in the world but I know that I have not done nearly enough to help people and the world change. But in order to reach this very point, I’ve had to change. It’s been a long process and it is still going. If you so will, I am a work in progress…just as humanity is a work in progress.

Tomorrow I will be spending time with someone who has reached out to me to show her gratitude and appreciation of what we’ve done to keep her healthy. But it is I who should be showing her my gratitude and appreciation for allowing us to be a part of her life. She has given us so much hope and inspiration. She’s perservered through the unimaginable throughout her young life and achieved so much in both simple and great ways.

Humanitarian Day has turned into appreciation day for me…conscious appreciation for the life I have and the people I share it with and gratitude of the opportunity to give back. Since learning of the campaign, I began thinking of ways and instances through which I could contribute. But while thinking of these “instances”, I discovered that Humanitarian Day should be incorporated into my daily life, in thought and in deed, now and tomorrow. It should always be a conscious thought, feeling and action. It doesn’t begin or end on the 19th of August. It should be…always.

There are a whole lot of beings, far and near, in my life who’ve given me the inspiration, strength and clarity of perspective to turn self-reflection into action -my parents and brother, our clients, Carolyn Ford, Gary Harrison, Cathy Nelson, Kim Mitchell… I have a short list of other members of my heart family that have not only helped and are still helping me evolve but who have and are making continuous and inspirational contributions to humanity through their work: Michael, Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz, Hillary & Bill Clinton, Mary J, Russell Simmons, Annie Lennox, Beyonce & Jay-Z, our First Lady Michelle & President Obama, Peter Gabriel, Shakira, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Adrienne & Chris Bosh…

And I receive a special dose of inspiration to effect change within myself and in my actions for my blood and heart children- my son, Prince, Paris & Blanket, Egypt & KJ, Dallas & Deidre & Dre & LJ & Ar’e & Deuce & Assata, Blue Ivy, Jackson Bosh, Ming Lee & Aoki Lee, Chance, Naviyd & UR V, Chelsea, Malia & Sasha, Gala, Olivia, Cristiano Jr., the Ann Harrison’s, the Trayvon’s and all other children from every social background and in every corner of the globe.

I am here.

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