Health Care in the U.S.: Although We Are Far Away from Germany’s System, Hope Can Be Found in Iran

Dr. Aaron Shirley of Jackson Medical Mall and HealthConnect

For those of you who may not truly believe in the desperate state of our health care crisis and the urgent necessity of thoroughly changing it, the following article will provide you with more insight. The complexities, interlinked issues and conditions brought forth in this article on the lack of health care provide a sketch of the wide-reaching debilitating, systemic and vicious cyclical effects of poverty.

For those who already know and/or are already directly affected by this negligient system which I consider to be a “health industrial complex”, please pass this on to those who refuse to see the truth for whatever reasons.

Here is an excerpt which I find highly interesting and leads me to hope that upon publication and wide dissemination of this article that our government might reconsider how and to whom it gives its grants. This health-house network would not only save and/or improve lives immediately but it could serve as a model program nationwide as a pre-cursor to universal health care. Moreover, I believe a modified version of this system could serve as a model program for urban areas as well.

Shirley, Shahbazi and Miller haven’t had an easy time getting large-scale financing for their health-house network. They enlisted a Mississippi congressman, Bennie Thompson, to write a letter to Kathleen Sebelius, the secretary of Health and Human Services. They applied for (but did not receive) one of those grants awarded by the Innovation Center; Jack Geiger wrote the recommendation letter. They talked it up in Mississippi.       

The three men — and many Mississippians I spoke to — complain that a lot of federal and grant money goes to research, not actual services. “The delta people have been studied to death,” Shirley says. Also, as they point out, funding rarely goes to entire systems. But the group is hoping that the idea of Iranian-style health houses in the United States might inspire good will between the two countries.”

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