Remote Area Medical 2013 Documentary

“Institutionalized charity will never be the answer. The good folks at RAM love to say their greatest hope is that a better system will come along and put them out of business… The question is, are the people responsible for doing so really committed to seeing the ACA as a first step to be built upon as quickly as humanly possible? Or will it take another four years to inch closer to the kind of coverage and access that people need right now? Yes, it is absolutely crucial to aim towards tangible, realistic solutions, and to consider the political ramifications of any system that is put in place, but how can we possibly do that if we turn individual lives into an abstraction, making it a battle of words and ideologies while closing our eyes to immediate needs and the neglect of basic human rights taking place within our borders?” Farihah Zaman on the work that Remote Area Medical performs within America and the future of our healthcare system.

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July 9, 2012 · 1:45 pm

One response to “Remote Area Medical 2013 Documentary

  1. Reblogged this on startlivinglove and commented:

    They’ve “locked picture”!!! Looking forward to the Remote Area Medical Movie’s international premiere:
    I will reblog this post again when information on U.S. screenings is released!

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