What I Want

Over the course of the last few weeks, I’ve been trying to internalize those things which are most important to me.  It’s a list of the most basic things, but they are the most difficult to attain. Since compiling this list, I’ve revisited it on several occasions and determined that I HAVE begun… I’m only posting the immaterial “wants” I’ve compiled as the material ones are ummmm… quite private.

Immaterial Wants (which aren’t “Wants” at all but wishes for myself, my son & the world)

  • A fair, equal & meritocracy-based world
  • To be capable of giving, receiving and recognizing real love
  • The strength and wisdom to believe in myself
  • The capability & wisdom to affect positive, long-lasting change in my immediate and the greater environment
  • The strength & determination to push my projects through
  • To avoid “Tunnel Vision”
  • To help provide “all my babies” (I’ve secretly adopted all of the children in the world –well, some have been not so secretively adopted) with beautiful and fulfilling lives
  • To set the best example for those who are worth it
  • To be able to truly forgive – whatever and whomever they may be (this includes myself)
  • To develop and nurture true self-acceptance, self-appreciation & self-respect
  • To come out of and stay out of the “Victim Trap”
  • To live without fear
  • To love without fear
  • To wake up every morning with a smile and to fall asleep every night with a smile
  • To only attract authentic people
  • To always be authentic
  • To believe in and be able to envision and create a beautiful present & future
  • To  work towards a beautiful future with the purest intent and intensity
  • To ensure that my son becomes the best he can be and that he will remain  kind and compassionate
  • To remember that my son is my #1 priority
  • To live and to love

And oh! Just added…

  • Power to the people

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