The Significance of Candles


In the midst of taking a brief reprieve from recent research focusing on the imperatives of gender equality and female empowerment, my son and I wandered into one of my favorite shops, Yankee Candle. What I thought would be just a quick excursion in and out of the store -as I have a particular scent palette I always buy- turned out to be a mini-study on gender differences. And, I’m still considering the deeper meaning of what I saw, or rather, smelled. 🙂

I’ve seen and sniffed all types of candles but what awaited me in the store was shocking and mind-bending… There are true differences between men and women, with quite a few grey and androgenous zones of course. I, however, was utterly unprepared for the Man Candle Collection. There have always been outdoorsy and adventerous scents such as Fireside, Pine, Beachwood & Dune Grass. But after getting a whif of this new collection, my mind went… well, it just went. Conclusion, there truly are huge differences between males and females.

If you have a free moment and are near a Yankee Candle store, go inside and see/savor Riding Mower, Man Town, 1st Down & 2X4 for yourselves. I promise you, you will have a lot to consider and you won’t regret it.

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