The Face of America

Today’s decision is a clear victory for children of all ages, races and incomes in America. I am delighted the Court has upheld the Affordable Care Act, including the Medicaid expansion, but I am deeply concerned by the limitation of the expansion that could exclude millions of poor parents. Together we need to work until all children and parents and everyone in America are guaranteed access to comprehensive, affordable health coverage.” Marian Wright Edelman on the SCOTUS decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act

I have been considering why the forces for stagnation and exclusion continue their steady drumbeat of denial and repression by withholding basic rights from others. It is a question that many of us who envision a fair and caring world have struggled with all of our lives. Today, we have proof that our socio-economic system causes permanent poverty classes and more often than not affects minorities and households headed by single parents. That is why I am and will remain a staunch proponent of instituting a social-market economy here.

In just considering two of the greatest public infrastructural challenges that we face here in the United States –education and health care, it is obvious that our system is archaic in comparison to countries which have integrated social-market principles into their governmental policies and social fabric. Based upon many conversations in the past, I have deduced that many who are opposed to even considering transforming to a social-market economy do so because they fear it would change the face of America and what it stands for in their eyes. I agree with that. It would.

A United States that is guided by social-market economic principles and targets would look different. Its face which disguises the systematically programmed exclusion to equal opportunities and equal start chances is superficial and deceptive. But a United States which would show its heart and compassion for all of its people would be something beautiful to behold.

Universal health care is a must:

Firefighters fighting for health care

The Health Care Industrial Complex

Map of Universal Health Care

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