Living Proof


Here are two living proof examples attesting to the importance of the U.S. Supreme Court decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act:

Being the unreasonable being that I am, I am far from satisfied with the law itself although I am greatly relieved at this affirmation. To be fair, however, I must admit that the various Affordable Care Act statutes & codes I’ve read –and they were quite a few- were highly confusing. But given the state of health care in this country, I am also convinced that the architects have done the best they could with what they have to work with.  In other words, they have probably crafted the most reasonable plan they could given the piecemealed incongruent systems which are currently in place in the various states and repressive political climate in which it has come to be. 

My conclusion about the Affordable Care Act is simply that it will try to make a highly dysfunctional and negligent system better by providing a more ‘federalized’ framework. The target of which, I hope, is to create the foundation for something greater, namely, universal health care for all.

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