Life is…

“Life is what you make it.”  “Live each day like it’s your last.”  “Love is the answer.”

These sayings have taken on a new and real meaning to me.  They’ve become tangibles in my world.  When I look at people nowadays, I read them the best I can.  I ask myself questions about them.  What’s their life like?  How do they feel today? What do they know?  I wonder what their tomorrow will be like…

When I’m outside during the day, I see butterflies and make note of their markings, color, shapes and sizes.  I watch clouds evolve and devolve.  Raindrops pattering on my windshield or on the street draw my attention now.  I’ve wondered what type of bird is this or that.  I gaze into the night sky and speak to the stars.   I’ve given them individual names and have at times considered taking up astronomy… but I throw that idea out because they’d take on someone else’s meaning and label.  I’m absolutely amazed at how much I’ve just passed by in life.  And this is never more obvious than when I look at the sun and smile at the moon while here on the ground physically bound to Earth.

I now listen to my breath and marvel at its sustaining subtlety.  I hear my heart beat rhythmically or pound ecstatically at different points in the day.  I wonder at the complexity of the human mind.  I’m enthralled with and in awe of the covert and overt expressions of the soul.  I pause often now… to take it all in, to appreciate all that I see and all that I feel.  And since I’ve begun to pause and let myself be immersed in this sea of life, I’ve learned what love is.  And I realize that I’ve only just begun to see and feel its scope and depth.

It’s taken me four decades to truly even begin to appreciate life and all its wonder.  This is a magical place and we are magical beings, capable of the highest achievements as well as the most heinous crimes.  I’ve been given the gift of life and I’ve finally learnt it is meant to be lived in full.  That includes doing all I can to make life worth living to those who aren’t as privileged as I am.  And this time, I will not forget.

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