Addendum to a Congressional Petition:

Addendum to a Congressional Petition:

Van Jones’ Rebuild the American Dream team has started a petition drive to pressure the passage of a much needed and greatly delayed bill. What follows is their petition to Congress and my addendum.

To: Congress

“Allowing more homeowners to refinance at today’s low interest rates would save millions of Americans thousands of dollars each year, spark the economy, and keep people in their homes.
This is just the first step toward fixing America’s mortgage crisis, but it’s one every American can agree upon. So what is Washington waiting for?”

My addendum:

Show us you care about “US”. Show us you love the U.S., its people & environment. But most of all, don’t stop with the passage of this bill. We all know that our social, political & economic systems require drastic change in order to create “Equal Start Opportunities” for everyone as thriving social-market economies (esp. Germany)strive to do.

If you want to help us help ourselves, give us the tools and foundation to do so. Reignite the American Dream by critically looking at the roles the federal government, public officials (you) & private enterprises/corporations need to play in order to secure the necessary inalienable human rights for us all to thrive and become healthy & constructive actors domestically and internationally. Our rights: access to & assurance of free high quality public education, comprehensive & universal health insurance, a right to dignified shelter as well as the right to have a real & potent voice in important decisions affecting our welfare & environment (take the money out of politics). Raise your social awareness and consciousness as we raise ours and we will all be on the right path.

Look around you. While many of you are living in gilded cages, most of us are suffocating in our bronze ones. But never forget, a cage is a cage irrespective of what it’s made of. The omnipotent pervasiveness of poverty and its crippling consequences emanating from our cages envelop yours. They are, as a result, inseparable. Present policies and laws evoking real & positive change and we will be able to build a better future. Socio-economic models already exist to effect these changes and we cannot continue to ignore them. We have no excuses.

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July 8, 2012 · 2:48 pm

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